LISTING REMOVED... 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road with GFC V1 and awning

I’m selling my 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Long Bed with GFC V1 Camper and awning. I’ve been happy with both the truck and the camper; but an unusual opportunity arose to upgrade to another platform I’ve been wanting to try and so the truck has to go (for now ;).

Price: $41,000.
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Tacoma includes the technology package (better stereo, sun roof), winter package (heated seats, heated mirrors), and towing package (transmission cooler, engine oil cooler, power steering cooler, a heavy-duty 130-amp alternator, a 4- and 7-pin connector). It is at about 108,9xx miles now. More details below.

The GFC is an early build (#297). It has a side door on the driver’s side of the tent and front and back windows in the GFC (rear-view mirror remains functional). The original hinges, which were a failure point in the V1s, have been replaced with the upgraded embassy hinges by GFC. The GFC has been great – offering quick setup and takedown of the tent and excellent access to all 3 sides of the truck bed. An Alu-Cab telescoping ladder, with angled steps for comfy climbing up to the tent side door, is included.

A 23Zero Peregrine 270-degree awning is also included.

More photos here:

And a more complete listing at Expedition Portal: LISTING REMOVED: 2016 Toyota Tacoma Off Road Long Bed with Go Fast Camper (V1) | Expedition Portal

This community has been really helpful to me over the years - lots of good people and information here. I’ll keep reading it even without the GFC. :slight_smile:

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Hey , I’m interested in the camper, willing to sell that alone? Thanks!

Hi @Ksully_61. We had hoped to sell it together with the truck but most of the interest we’re getting is in separating the two; so we will sell them separately.

I’m asking $6000 (firm) for the GFC and awning with the buyer covering any costs of the transfer (e.g. shop time, bulb seal, etc.). The GFC dealer, and possibly other shops, in the Denver area will do a transfer.

I’ll reach out directly with my phone number in case you want to chat or arrange a time to see it.


We’ve decided to keep the truck and GFC for now. The new platform isn’t quite what we hoped and so we might be back to the GFC soon.


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