Living out of the bed

Howdy, Looking to move full time out of the truck, just in time for winter.

Looking into putting in a decked drawer system or build my own system. I still want to build a L bench above whatever system I roll with. Has anyone done anything like this? Or have ideals? Gear wise I have more than I need but all serves a purpose and I will want to have everything with me. Snowboards, backpacking, paddle boards, bikes, and camping gear on top of all my tools.


I semi-full time out of my truck…splitting my time between the truck and generous people who have offered me their couches and spare rooms
… I’m not homeless but I’m houseless to quote “Nomadland” if that makes sense…

I have a Ironman drawer in there that is almost the same dimensions as the decked so for all practical purposes, it’s the same footprint and height.


I built my own drawer system it was cheaper and more customizable then buying a drawer system. Might weight a little bit more but i guess thats the trade off


If you are looking to building your own (DIYs) or even if you want to buy as one, allot of reviews and options on YouTube.

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I made a custom single drawer if you’re looking for ideas. My build thread is here:

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There are so many options available out there. I strongly suggest investigating an 8020 solution, and really sit down and think about how you want things to sit. Spend time in your box visualizing. I was lucky that I had a platform in my canopy for years that was very basic, so I knew what I didn’t want, what I would like, and the orientation I like to lounge.

You can check out my build on my build page:

Also a walk through on my YouTube channel. From a weight perspective you can shed some pounds by going with a 8020 solution. The key is remembering that you’re not gaining any weight savings if you’re going to use heavy cabinet grade plywood on your platform.

My setup in an XL camper is around 750lbs with electrical before loading full gear (320lbs for the camper, 430 or so for the platform)

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To piggyback off on Dignon…. I have about 1000 pounds total in the rear with everything I need…. I have upgraded heavy duty rear leaf springs for this reason and I’m pretty sure I’m at or just below the max for the Toyota Tacoma in overall weight…. Always looking for ways to lighten the truck but it’s hard when you’re always seeming to accumulate stuff and when you’re a full-timer trying to have a sense of comfort beyond the bare minimum

Here’s more inspiration. All cooking and cleaning happens inside the bed, perfect for winter.


@benawheeler How did you route your exhaust? Drilled hole in floor or thru cubby? I need to do mine soon…

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