Loaded GFC V2 with Kinsman Awning, Solar, more 5' Ford Ranger


I’ve got a V2 on my '21 Ford Ranger Crew Cab. The camper is in mint condition, only slept in 3 times. I did a full build out and am passing along most of the accessories I’ve added.

Here’s the low down:
GFC V2 for '19 and up Ford Ranger
Front and rear windows (awesome for parallel parking, negotiating tight trails, etc)
Sandstone tent fabric with doors on both sides
3 beef bars
AND I have a brand new bulb seal on hand to install on your truck
AND a bunch of extra small hardware for accessory mounting, etc

I’ve also added -
Kinsman hardware 270 degree awning
Renogy 175 watt solar panel on custom mount that sits just below beef bars so that you maintain unrestricted use of bars when needed
Rear window molle panel
Renogy DC to DC charger and MPPT solar controller
VRNCLR frame packs (2)
Interior led lighting with dimming and red lighting
USB ports

Add all that up and I’ve got about $13k into this part of the build. I’ll take $9k for the whole setup.

I’ve had some inquiries about separating out parts, here’s what I will/won’t separate and pricing:
GFC V2, 3 beef bars, solar panel and wiring, interior lighting, VRNCLR frame packs: $7000
Kinsman Hardware 270 deg awning w/GFC V2 mounts: $1900
Molle Panel, Renogy DC to DC charger / solar controller, USB ports: $200

SOLD: Rigd Ultraswing Multi-Fit with Sidehack, folding table with cutting board, trail pouch, locking pin: $1200

In case anyone is interested, I also have a Rigd Ultraswing with all the options, a custom bed plate, fridge slide and 8020 decking built around using Radius outfitters boxes for an ultra-light organization up for sale as well. DM me if you want to dig into all that stuff.

Located in Bellingham, WA. The Ranger version of the GFC is pretty light, should be easy enough to transfer to your truck.

Such a Nice Build out! Is there a reason youre not interested in it anymore or why youre selling?

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I might be interested in the Rig’d Ultraswing. I’ll send you a DM.

It really did come out awesome and is by far my best build having done countless over the years. I have another camper setup that’s quite a bit larger and I wind up using that one most of the time because I’m usually dragging 2 motos and 2 MTB’s and associated gear. I’m not giving up on the Ranger, even as a long time Toyota fan and current 1st gen Taco owner, the Ranger is head and shoulders above current gen Taco. I’m going to return the Ranger to full hooligan status and use my other rig for camping.

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Cool, will get some pics added. It’s a multi-fit and fully optioned out, really sweet piece of kit.

what drawer system is that? great build!

Built by me using a mix of off the shelf parts and custom built structures. I mocked up a couple different options and realized that building a something full width of the bed maximizes useable space in these mid-sized trucks. I built a base plate from marine grade plywood coated in bed liner. Then, I built a platform out of 8020. The area near the back of the cab under the platform holds seldom accessed stuff like recovery gear and my battery system. The rear uses Radius Outfitters bins to organize my camp kitchen, chairs, etc. Some of these pics are pre fridge-slide but the National Luna Weekend Fridge is on a DFG Offroad fridge slide. I keep a piece of BedRug on top of the platform so it’s comfy to sit/kneel on. There’s also a 100L water tank at the back of the bed and a marine style pump and hose. I used Builtrite molle panels down the sides of the bed for lots more storage and organization points.

I haven’t specifically posted the bed plate and 8020 platform for sale but if someone’s interested, I’m certainly willing to part with it and it would be easy enough to transfer with the camper. It’s built to withstand serious off-road abuse but be much lighter than the builds you typically see.

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Damn the GFC is mint with the lighting and solar. I’d for sure be interested in it! Struggle tho of being in Southern California and your upper Washington?

A possibility that comes to mind is to meet in southern Oregon. Ashland/Medford area is a day’s drive for both of us and an awesome zone to break in your new camper. I’ve been itching to ride moto in Tillamook so it could work out.

I’ll shoot you a DM