Locks and metal clips don't line up

@GFC I had the hinges replaced on my V1 a while back and also had one of those little metal deals replaced that the latches use to secure the side doors. for some reason after having the new legacy hinges my latches are all off from lining up on those little metal things. I did use the warranty contact sheet but have never heard back. Is there any way I can get some of those new metal dealy bobbers? it is the silver things I am talking about. thanks

Forum usually isn’t the best place for a service request, as theres a chance we might not catch it. Have you tried emailing us yet at support@gfcengineering.com?

I am sure we can get you sorted! I also just build this new service ticket generator tool that works great for this kind of thing:



Looks like Chris is helping me out. I did use the service ticket generator before posting but did not hear back. thanks jeff