Locks for the tent on V1's?

Hey There,
Anyone found a reliable way to lock the V1 tent? The panel locks seem useless without a tent lock. I see that the V2’s come with a tent lock now. I also saw on another thread that the Lock On by Truckparts.parts
is sold out and the fellah doesn’t have any contact info. I have reached out to GFC support as well.
I have extra platform camper track mounting hardware so I could rig something up myself for 2 master locks until something better comes along.
What have other folks done with this problem?
Thanks everyone for a thorough and friendly forum.

@LostDblCab had a nice method:

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There are a few products, a few crafty individuals have made them, but I don’t think any longer because of the V1 change. You can probably hit up @jedgar for the plans he created for thisV1 lock - jedgar Send him cookies along with your thanks.

I was an early adopter of the Truckparts lock. It’s pretty sneaky and slick, but - your keychain will get in the way and can be a pain during inclement weather. Great device though.

Thanks blue5001 and gwiz for sharing that. The top image looks really simple. Not so slick on a GFC but it works for sure. I was figuring I’d have to do something like that.

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This is what I did for my V1 to lock it. Pretty simple. I hope I didn’t commit blasphemy. I just drilled a hole just aft of the slider bolt and slid in a 2-1/2" master lock.
Don’t mind the metal filings in the image.


I think the simplest solution is to drill a hole in the tent latch and throw a pad lock on it. If you travel around with the lock on then you may want to use some heavy duty Velcro or magnet set up to hold the lock. I’m more concerned about slowing people down at trailheads.

Mine is a v2, not sure that matters.

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