Locktite your plungers

Went to open the tent today and noticed something was missing

Might want to throw a little locktite on them. These were only on the truck for 1 trip.


@GFC_Support (and the rest of the amazing staff can help on this). I lost mine on a trip as well, granted this was banging around in washes and having a grand old time. Sent in a service request was was taken care of promptly.

Use red loctite.


Yup, great service from GFC as usual. They’ve already got replacements in the mail but I was hoping maybe I could help others here with this simple little preventative tip.


When we assemble the Spring Pins, we do apply Loctite on the threads of the pin to prevent the knob from spinning off. If you notice that the knob is loose, apply some red Loctite on the threads and make sure the knob is tightened down fully and you should be good to go. Just be mindful of the Loctite causing the knob to stick to the rest of the mechanism as it dries—could be very difficult to get the knob to pull out if such happens. As always, if you have any issues, please submit a Service Request Form and we will get you taken care of.

Thanks for kind words guys @dfinn @Desertnwoods! The team much appreciates it :raised_hands:


What is protocol for when a spring pin stick in the plunge (locked) position? Mine has done so a few times. A few jiggles and it came out but would not be good if that didn’t work. I’ve since sprayed some graphite in the mechanism but still…thanks in advance.


Yeah same thing here. Lasted a few months for me but one day the knob was gone.