Long Term (1 year) Storage

Anyone on here left their camper sitting for a long period of time before? I’m going to be out of the country for a year and trying to think of potential issues that I might run into leaving it sitting for a while. My main concern is the seal between the roof and bed solidifying/melting when it gets warm without regularly opening/closing it. Initial thoughts are that I’ll just prop it up on the locking clasps to alleviate that concern, but then the struts would not be fully closed which may lead to issues as well. Any thoughts?

As you know everyone’s experience is different. A lot will have to do whether the GFC will be stored indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, you bring up some excellent points. Because GFC carefully select their parts, I suggest you call GFC customer service for their thoughts. My experience is that very few camper owners store their campers for a long time once they have them installed.