Looking for 2020 Build

Hello, I am build #1170. Start date for build is March 2021. Let me know if you have a spot to sell for an earlier build date in exchange for extra cash, or trade a spot for extra cash.

Thanks, Jonny

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I’m hoping you found an earlier build spot because I want yours. The site is quoting start dates in June 2021, and I want to move up like yourself. Let me know if you’d be interested in offloading your March 2021 spot.
(email was also sent)


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Hi @ColoradoNick - I have a Feb 2021 build spot I was going to post “for sale to the best offer” here soon. Let me know if you are interested.


Feb 2020 has already passed a long time ago. I’m guessing you mean 2021?

Correct @crazyfingers

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Hey @Chossbagger, I am super interested in buying your Feb 2021 spot if it is still available! My email is thisiscallan@gmail.com, please reach out if this spot is still available and what price you’d be willing to part with.


The reservation I referenced above has sold.

@ChossBagger my reservation transfer with Jonny is going through. Thanks for the offer. (Sorry for the late reply, was waiting to make sure it was a sure thing)

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Hey everyone,

Looks like all the build spots mentioned have been sold, but if anyone has a build spot prior to June 2021 quoted on the site I am very interested. n.crocker538@gmail.com


what kind of truck do you have? I posted my camper for sale for Ram

I just wanted to let whoever might be wondering know, spot 1170 is sold.

Unit #846 is available to buy. Change of plans. Complete and ready for pick up / delivery. XL / double doors, orange cage, fit for 2019 Raptor.