Looking for an upcoming build spot for Ram 2500

If you have a spot and need/want out let me know. I know plans change in these crazy times. I live ~3 hours from gfc.

Welcome to the forum. Just FYI, build spots are not truck specific. You can get a regular or XL deposit and as long as the options have not been set, you can change either to fit your vehicle when it goes into production. There are a few spots for sale on the forum but they typically go extremely fast if the seller is only looking for deposit. There are some spots also available at a premium ($1k over deposit) just for the spot. Best of luck

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thank you. I am hoping to find someone who is not trying to take advantage of the way things are today. I know there are good people who do not see every opportunity to make a buck. I would not mind paying a little over the deposit thanks jeff

I have an build spot for sale. #1890. $575

looks like it would probably not be ready until sometime in Sept. I am hoping for one sooner. thanks I will keep it in mind.

I have build spot 1771 which is an XL. It is expected to go into production in June. I am willing to sell this as I have purchased an earlier one.

definitely keep it in mind, thanks

Outdoorlover Is your spot still available?? If so very interested!

Yes it is and they told me would be a June build.

1894 is for sale…I’ll take $500.