Looking for Buildspot for 2021 Tacoma longbed

Looking for Buildspot for 2021 Tacoma Longbed, preferably before April

Spots coming up that near in the future likely will sell for far more than just paying someone for their deposit, although not always. Just a heads up

Thanks Danny! Is it your spot for sell? I’m interested

Hey bud…unfortunately not. Thanks for asking though. My post was simply meant that if you throw in a couple hundy extra, more people are probably willing to contact you. Not for sure, just have seen that before.

Additionally, keep in mind that GFC is continuing to increase production times. When I started, it was close to 18 months lead. Now its under a year and they keep getting faster and faster. Keep in mind that putting in a deposit now, worst case scenario is you have your camper by the end of 2021, likely sooner. Just sayin. It does go by quick.

Hey man, thanks for the heads up I appreciate it.