Looking for tail gate tent for my GFC

I made a platform for the back of my truck so the kids can sleep downstairs in my GFC Taco, and I am now looking for a tent to go over the back of the truck with tail gate and hatch. Originally I was thinking of making the tent, but now I am thinking it will be easier to buy one. Any of you have this type of set up? Any recommendations for tail gate tents?

there are a few choices. you can look at TrailVeil https://tailveil.com this is easy. I have one. or if you want more structure look at Rightline gear. [Rightline Gear SUV Tent with Rainfly - Waterproof - Sleeps 4 Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tents RL110907 (etrailer.com)](https://www.etrailer.com/Truck-Bed-Tents/Rightline-Gear/RL110907.html?

these are in addition to the typical heavier gfc mounted awnings with attached tent room

This is actually sweet. With this on the back of the GFC that would be a lot of extra bug protected area.

I totally want this now.

This is a cool idea. @TReitz does the rear hatch of the GFC give enough separation for the TailVeil so it isn’t just draped down across your tailgate? Some of the pics on their site show it supported from underneath with a table umbrella. As CMC pointed out I like the additional bug protected area but am wondering how well it works on a GFC.

I’d love to see a GFC designed rear tailgate tent that fits our campers using the extrusion and some easy to install hardware, like the lumbering bear stuff.


Maybe in the future, but that’s not really our ballgame when it comes to future aftermarket products. We’re working on quite a bit that we’re excited to share, but a tailgate tent option isn’t on the list at the moment.

Designing netting and/or rear walls that utilize the tailgate/rear panel/extrusion could be a fun DIY challenge for someone to spec out. It could even attach to the rear panel when not in use. Just spit balling, but the longer these fingers tap the keys the more I want to see it made, haha.

LoL. Got it…

I diy’d my tarp awning and I’m happy with how that came out. So why not a tailgate shelter? We’ll see.


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I have some tent poles attached to the gfc with some lumbering bear hardware that extends out the top side when I want to have more space

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I’ve been pondering this and have found a few options …

This one pops up frequently and is relatively inexpensive … Amazon

Another Made in the USA option … Topper Tent

and one from Topper Lift