Looking for vendor that sells USA-sourced tool kits

At the Toy Drive meet-up at the GFC headquarters last month, there was a vendor who was putting together vehicle-specific tool kits in a tool roll that used all USA-made tools. I believe they were based out of somewhere nearby, I want to say Dillon, maybe? Wondering if anyone might know who this was so I can get in touch.


Found them. Updating here in case anyone else is interested.

Steadfast Systems. They are based in Dillon, MT They had a cool product and was exactly something I want for my off-road rig. All the tools I need, none that I don’t, quality USA-made tools, in a convenient tool roll with removable pockets.


This is a great idea. I was looking for something like this when I built my tool roll.

If nothing else it would be nice to see what their “baseline” is for my truck, but with all the aftermarket crap there’s a hopeless mashup of metric and SAE that nobody can sell me a pre-made kit for it.


My tool roll is garbage and constantly dumping out wrenches so I’ve been wanting to replace it with something more secure. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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Give them a call because when I was talking to them at the toy drive they said they’d work with people to customize the kit for their own build-out. So, if you’ve got mods and need different tools for that, they’d customize the kit for what you need. We were talking about it because of my Prospector XL that’s going to have some different tools needed than a standard RAM 3500.

Hey, I just found this thread, It was great to meet you and your spouse! We are in full production now, let us know when that gorgeous PXL is ready for a kit!