Looking for your input on updated/new products!

Hi everyone!

As some of you might know, I have a business called First Tracks where I make bags and accessories for the GFC and other outdoor pursuits. I am starting the process of leveling up my product offering for this summer, and I’d like the community’s input on possible designs.

My first product was the “track bag”, a storage bag that bolts into the bed rail t-track found in toyota trucks. If you haven’t seen it, it looks like this:

Dimensions: 12"x8"x4"

I feel that the basic concept here is solid, but I’d like to refine the design. There are a few things I already plan to improve on this bag, such as:
Larger opening
Foam stiffened back panel for more support
Quicker and easier access

I am considering making an open version of the track bag, but I’m curious if others are into that idea. It would look somewhat like this rough sketch:

This would allow the user to access stored items much more easily, in a place that is reasonably reachable from the inside or outside, downstairs or upstairs. The strap in the middle could act as a divider, extra support for something heavy, or hold items in place while driving.

Are people into Track Bags 2.0? What other things would you like to see?
Fabric divider rather than a strap?
Interior/exterior pockets?
Exterior MOLLE?
MOLLE mounting options?

Feel free to check me out on instagram @FirstTracksAK where I’m most active. Let me know what you think!

Cool stuff, looks well made, reasonably priced, small individual company, what’s not to like?

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Generally I am more inclined towards the closed design, probably because I spend most my GFC time in a very dusty environment. I like the molle mounting options. I currently have a couple molle magazine dump pouches from Amazon in addition to closed molle pouches that take a variety of items that I frequently use, so I do use the open pouches for some stuff. I think a stiffened back panel is a good idea.

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I’ve been looking for a good smallish shoe storage bag that could attach to the outside extrusion. A good place to leave 2 pairs of shoes rather than bringing them and dirt into the upper tent when we use the ladder to enter and exit…
I’d leave the design up to you, but here’s my ideas for the ideal bag.

  1. Weather-resistant (or weather-proof)
  2. Easy to install and remove but sturdy enough to stand up to wind and rain. I’ve thought about the Lumbering Bear twist-in hardware. It would be necessary to remove for driving, I believe.
  3. Minimal obstruction to opening the side panel.
  4. Easy to access the shoes after too many beers or during normal pre-coffee morning fog.

Just an idea for something no one seems to be offering.



I like this idea. Big enough for two pairs of shoes.

It could be made from 18oz vinyl coated polyester known as tarpaulin. This would contain sand, water, and debris. Also, it’s easy to rinse out.


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One other design nugget that I’ve thought about is a sturdy mesh bottom with a small lip to allow rain to drip off. The mesh would allow wet shoes to drip and give more air flow.


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I think an outside and inside option would be cool. I usually take my shoes off sitting on the tailgate of my truck, and then climb inside. Having an inside shoe storage option would be most excellent. Not big on contaminating my living area if possible. I wouldn’t mind having it made from the coated vinyl mentioned above.

I love mine. I bought one of the first few made.

I can see a foam back to make it more rigid helpful. Other thing I’d like is a small outside pocket for quick grab things.

I keep in mine: to NRS straps, multi tool, set of dice and cards, notepad, and 2 headlamps. Oh and some TP.

The remote to my diesel heater is in there and I’m always fishing for it.

Personally love the idea of a more open design bag for internal use.

Also love the idea of a shoe bag, too.

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