Looking to buy a superlite- support a teacher :)

I’m a teacher burnt out on distance learning. I have an epic summer road trip planned and am bummed that the order dates are so far out. I’m new to this fabulous product and can’t wait to join the GFC team.

I know it’s a long reach, but I’m open to purchasing a used product or an order date. Looking to hit the road in June.

Open to paying a little more to close the deal.

just a thought but have you considered doing a bed camper in the back.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtKhF-vl8kc it would give you something until your camper is ready. ive done kinda a similar thing to my Forester. YouTube has a few Impreza videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WcutSxNo1M

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Yes! I have a platform setup right now- looking to upgrade. On long distance hauls, I want to be able to have more of a usable space in back. The platform limits my ability to take friends out on the river.

Hi there. I need to sell my spot which is a few weeks away. Hit me at MikeBBayer@gmail.com.


Still looking to purchase- anyone else selling?

Hi Mike

Are you looking to sell your spot? I sent you an email checking. Thanks for your time!