Looking to purchase: V2 Platform RTT

I drive a 2018 Tacoma shortbed, currently running a Smittybuilt RTT mounted on Voodoo fabrications bedrail system and factory tonneau cover.

Running out of space on my weekend getaways, looking to see what might be for sale in my area. I love the fast setup with the GFC RTT and the amount of storage space I’ll have with the hard shell. I’ll probably throw in a decked system as well to keep things organized. I am currently in North Carolina but travel to the NY/NJ area monthly, so I could pickup anywhere between here and there or within a reasonable days drive.



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Hey Justin,
I have a brand new unopened RTT gray tent and roof rack that would work with your truck. I also have the ladder and attachments, that go with the roof rack.
All are for sale.
I live in San Diego, Ca. and would be happy to ship them to you.
Call me at 619-892-0945