Looks like the Platform RTT V2 is gearing up and about to start production!

Just got my e-mail to choose the tent fabric color on my V2 RTT–anyone else been anxiously awaiting the e-mail?

Looks like same tent fabrics as the camper which is to be expected. I opted for tangerine dream as it closely matches my current Treeline soft shell tent which I love the color on–subtlety is overrated.

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Still waiting, although the eta was August when I placed my deposit, so I may be in a separate production batch.

When did you place your deposit?

I put my deposit down back in November about 30 minutes after they opened them up again–my original deposit e-mail does show March 2021 expected delivery. Curious as to how many they will be able to crank out in a month. Given that the V2 camper has been in production for a number of weeks I’m sure they’ve learned a few lessons along the way which will help them ramp up a bit faster

Officially underway!

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Mine just got delivered this morning—first impressions are that it was worth the wait. Tent fabric looks great and feels great, the latching/locking mechanism is a well thought out design, the whole thing feels very sturdy, but not overly heavy, and it is crazy low profile.

Unfortunately the aftermarket rack mount kit ships separately and I’m still waiting on that so I can’t mount it yet


The wait for your mounts is totally not worth it, I’ll take her off your hands lol.