Los Angeles tour

Just got a from Thomas that they’re doing a los angeles tour to come fix my tent as well as a bunch of other la area folks with warranty things. In one phone call it re affirmed my decision in buying this camper. I love it, and the company, they stand behind their product.


Wait, what? I have a tent (fabric part) that needs some warranty attention. What are the dates?

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Dec 5- 9 from what I was told, do you have a service form in with them? Might want to follow up if so and you’re in the la area.

I hope they are coming to fix my camper too. I have been emailing them about my broken hinge

Per my emails with GFC, they will be in the LA area mid-December. They added me to the email list and started production of a new tent (fabric) for me. We’ll see, fingers crossed.

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