Louisiana… anyone out here?

Anyone from Louisiana on here? I know I can’t be the only one…

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Yup, don’t see many others down here though.

What area are you from? I’ve never seen a GFC out here. Wasn’t sure if I was the only one lol

Im in Lafayette. I’ve only seen one other gfc driving around town. Where aren’t you located?

Where are you located?

I live in St Martinville, but in Lafayette often. If you saw one on a cement tacoma lately, thats me

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Yeah you were the one i saw then i love that cement color did you get the orange fabric?

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Hell yeah, only thing I regret about mine is not getting the orange. Looks good.

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I found this one used for a hell of a deal out in MS. Glad it had the orange cause that’s would I would have gotten if I ordered one.

A buddy of mine sent me a pic of your truck out in Youngsville today. He said “I spotted another one in the wild”