Lube for Panel Locks

Locks on the pack panel are a little rough putting the key in and out. What is the best/recommended lube (Triflow, graphite, WD40)?

I used graphite and they have been smooth since then.


T9 Boeshield is what gfc recommends

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Huh… How did you know that? Had I known, I may have tried that. In the past I have always used graphite on my locks because its dry. I always have worried that liquid lubricants may attract dust and dirt. I especially worry about the camper for obvious reasons. So far the graphite is working great, but I’ll try the T-9 stuff next time the locks become difficult.


It’s in the instruction manual that comes with your hat!



I started a thread a while back about the latches freezing shut in the winter and @GFC_Taylor recommended the T9. I think they mention it in the maintenance video they released a while ago as well. Seems to be their go-to for all the moving components on the campers. It will attract dust if it’s wet but after 24 hours or so it dries to a film and stays nice and clean.

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If you can’t find T9 Boeshield, Triflow works well too and is much more widely available. I used it on my locks ~4months ago and they’re still smooth. Just put a drop on the key. Despite many people using it as such, WD-40 is more of a solvent than a lubricant and shouldn’t really be used like that.