Lumbering Bear Adventure Gear Interior tent gear hooks

Hi again everyone I’ve got another little ditty in the works. Interior hook for just about anything you can think of this example is used in conjunction with your screens but it’ll be useful all around I think.

Interior hook


Oh man was just looking for something like this for my coats/hoodies.

Will they work for under the first bed panel too? The one closest to the cab with the rail on the ceiling?

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I’m not exactly sure which area you mean. Is it the t-slot or are you talking about the tubular frame?

Test with 10lb pack

This thing.

ok, I don’t have that on my rig. That’s interesting, I wonder if one of the small ones might fit there.


I wonder…

I’m thinking about ditching the stock mattress, in favor of a mega mat duo. Does anyone know of a small loop that can be similarly deployed in the interior t-slots on either side of the ceiling?
My idea is to have a bungee cord stretched between the two loops that can hold the mattress up against the ceiling, when we want to stand up in the camper.

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If I am understanding your question correctly - these rings work great.

Just add a T nut in the track for each ring. I also have entirely ditched the stock mattress and use a Megamat. I dig this idea of “storing” it up against the ceiling. I think I will give that a try.

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Yup i used these same ones, found them in black.
Worked great!

Do you mean something like this one on the left? I’m making a mirrored version so the left and right actually lock in and don’t move at all. It should hold it with a bungee in it without a problem.


I think that both of these options could work.

In my mind’s eye, I was envisioning a nylon strap looped back upon itself. Where it overlaps, it would have a washer and/or a grommet for the bolt to go through both ends of the strap & into the t-nut. That way, it would simply lay flat when the tent is being stowed. And… If it’s long enough, when stowing the mattress against the ceiling, it would get the hooks below the edge of the mattress, so the strap is what’s digging into the sides of it, rather than the bungee hooks.

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aaah ok so a 1" wide strap like the pull downs I make, I can design something that would work with it. How thick is the mega mattress?

The Exped Mega Mat Duo 10 is 4in thick.

They make a thicker one. I think they call it a “15”. But I haven’t tried one of those.

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damn that’s a beast!! I can come up with something tonight after I finish up filling orders. I’ll post a render of what I come up with.

Sweet. Just placed an order!

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Hook quality is awesome. Feels super strong and durable…100% my bonehead move forgetting there isn’t track behind rear door (only door on my model). Whoops…really wanted to hook my screen.

On the upside, @babyyota and @Rancho to answer your question above the new hook does fit in that spot!!


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That’s good to hear thanks for checking in !!!

I am still re-stocking and waiting for some hardware and Led’s to arrive. as soon as everything arrives, I can assemble and put them up. thanks again to everyone!!

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