Lumbering Bear Adventure Gear

I just wanted to share another little ditty I made for the cross member. I can’t remember if I shared it here so here it is lol I weight tested it with a 6lb kettle bell, so it seems strong, but I only use it to hold my lantern
I have been feverishly working on designs for a lightweight no tools mounted awning setup pre-emptively called SwitchBlade. I hope to have prototyped before Xmas. I really want to share the preliminary designs, but I have to hold off to make sure it’s going to work completely. If anyone here has used any of the accessories I designed, I would really like to hear your feedback, good bad and indifferent.
ETA: Thank you to everyone that has bought my designs, you really have helped a man’s dream come true.


I purchased the extrusion alien twist in hangers. They work perfect. I put together a simple tarp awning that allows me to twist in the tarp to the extrusion without tools using the Lumbering Bear hangers. Full disclosure… My design remains untested in the wild, but the alien hangers are solid and I couldn’t be happier with them. Don’t know if I’ll make it out for a camp this winter, but ill definitely report back after my design is tested.


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Thank you for the feedback , please beat the daylight out of them if you can!