Maintenance before cross country trip

I’m planning on driving out west from tennessee for a 2 week road trip. We are picking up our camper then headed north to Glacier then south to tetons then rocky mt and finally back east.

What maintenance or checks would you all recommend before a 5k mile road trip like this. Truck has 115k miles on it. Been regularly serviced.

On my list would be oil change, check break pads, coolant levels, check belts, tire balance and aliment


i’d add grease drive shaft

(i’d also check my spare tire, jack, etc etc)

I’d clean or replace the air filters and spark plugs for better gas mileage. I’d also clean my map sensor (they sell cheap cleaner at any autoparts store). Ditto on the spare and jack- you don’t want to be caught somewhere waiting for a tow instead of living free on the open road.

Small thing- but I’d also clean my window sprayers and washer fluid tank. A quick scrub with a toothbrush and vinegar on the nozzles can go a long way. Be careful crossing state lines and buying washer fluid- some of that below zero stuff doesn’t mix well with others and can “gum up” the sprayers.

Check your spare. Make sure it’s aired up.