Making some sheets

Looking a fabrics to make my own sheets (not a fan of red buffalo plaid). Think I may have found a winner, but I’m concerned it may attract bears…


Turns out, my first choice of fabric isn’t available and the store canceled my order. S’mores sheets it is!


that was your second choice? there is no other choice in my eyes. I’m jealous

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Well, my “first” choice was first by virtue of supposedly being available to pick up in store (this was 10pm internet shopping to begin with). Apparently inventory was off and if I have to get it shipped to me anyway… S’mores sheets it is!

Guess I need to get some measurements finalized and sit down in front of the sewing machine.


Not sure your dog likes the pattern. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Doggy sure is scared of it. how thick is the fabric? range from thin pajama flannel to lumberjack work coat flannel?

I think my dog’s look is a combo of bad angle/moment and she’s on some meds. She may also simply be annoyed it’s not actually food… She thinks EVERY box is supposed to be a Barkbox.

The super snuggle flannel (what JoAnn Fabrics calls it) is intended to be pajama flannel, so a lighter weight flannel. I imagine I will start working on them next week. Need to get some work space cleared and they won’t really be useful until the Aeronaut gets here anyway.