Mammoth Ski Trip Parking Help

Mammoth Ski Parking Help

Doing a ski trip (during the week) at Mammoth Mountain in next couple of weeks. Anyone have a good place to park? Or any suggestions? Thanks

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It can be difficult in big snow years, luckily (or unluckily) that doesnt seem likely right now. Overnight anywhere in town is illegal and enforced, usually. The scenic route on the turnoff between town and the resort has lots of options. The RV park in town is a reasinable price as a backup. Lots more options over the pass and down in Bishop.

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For future reference my buddies and I have camped at the exit off the 395 going into town.(substation road) Lots of campers and no one was bothered by law enforcement. Technically I don’t think it’s allowed but I think in the winter months they’re not too concerned