Mantis Claw RTT mounts are here

GFC finally released their long awaited V2 ladder mounts. For those who had a V1 camper, know that there isn’t a channel in which the V1 mount would hold the ladder in place.

Now this is solid and well-built. Install was a breeze and explained by Graeme in his install video.

My wife and kids will appreciate this more and I can’t wait to put it to good use.


How do you think it would do on uneven ground? Do you think the hooks could pop out easily?


You’ll still need to find a rock or something to level the ladder. There’s a slot to keep it from sliding out so I think it will stay put.


not sure where the best place to post this question is, or if I should just email customer service… but anyone know if GFC plans to sell just the receivers that mount to the camper? would be super nice to be able to have a set mounted on each side so ladder location could be swapped based on whatever side works best for the location you’re camped.


I inquired when they first released the kits (August) and they will begin selling the receivers only, once a majority of their full kit orders have been fulfilled. Wouldn’t hurt to email them for an update

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Great question. If you get an answer please let us know. Thanks!

How hard is it to remove the claws from the ladder - in case you want to transfer the claws to a new ladder? It is hard to tell from the pics how the claws are held in place on the ladder.

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I’ll give it a try on my ladder this evening and let you know

@COdude It was pretty easy to remove the clamps from the ladder provided by GFC.

Thanks! I was told that once the claws are assembled, you had to take apart the ladder to remove them.

I just tried it. I had to take out the top screw and remove the claw. Then you can pry up from between the ladder and cylinder flange while inserting another screwdriver into the button pin slot on the cylinder and working the button pin back into the ladder.

CAUTION: there is a little blue loctite on the screw. Be sure to clean out and reapply.

Thanks. I think I’m sold and will buy a set.