Mantis with ladder

Will the mantis claw with ladder ever be coming back for sale? The $289 price tag is attractive and would really help when camping with others.

GFC told me the other day it’s a supply issue with the ladder. Mantis claw was in stock so I got it. Other ladders may work with the mantis but I haven’t confirmed this yet.

My claw should arrive by Monday and I am planning to use it with the ladder I got off Amazon. I will update when I have it set up. Many of the collapsable ladders look suspiciously similar. :wink:


I received my order yesterday with the mantis claw. It looks like GFC just opens the box for the ladder, adds their mantis claw, tapes the box closed again, and ships it out. So yeah, just order the mantis claw and source the ladder separately.

Thank you all for replying. You’re right, that ladder looks similar to many others out there. I ordered a mantis and a separate ladder on Amazon.

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When you get your Amazon ladder and confirm fitment, can you report back? Thanks in advance.

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Yes I will. Should be sometime next week.

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Mantis works great with this ladder off Amazon:

This ladder is currently unavailable, but I bet it is the same as all the other 8.5’ telescoping ladders.

I am thinking about chopping off the bottom rung to make it more compact and reduce the weight. I will report back if that was a good idea. :slight_smile:

The install was simple and the claw is an impressive piece of engineering. My lady who would be using the ladder liked it and asked the next obvious question: “where do I put my shoes?” I was able to respond quickly with, “thank god I have so many dry bags!”

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I received my ladder and mantis claws today and the claws fit perfectly. Here is a link to the ladder:


Thanks for following up man. Really appreciate it. Cheers.