Manufacturing Updates-straight from the source

Hey everybody, Little Mike here wanting to make sure you’re all up to speed on what’s going on at the shop.

Check out this manufacturing update from us!

We’re excited to be able to continually keep you guys updated to the best of our ability and plan to keep putting these manufacturing updates out!



Hey, Mike! Any word on when Superlite assembly/shipping will resume and what is a realistic delivery update from last word to those on waiting list? Thanks.


This is awesome!! I was counting the boxes and skid numbers on your IG post. Will there be an update now on our delivery times? Any chance of things happening sooner?

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GFC is giving us false expectations and then the silent treatment. Not a confidence builder!


It’s a bummer they got rid of the leader board. The reasoning seemed pretty lame too as I’m not sure how a competitor would use that against them when they’re telling people how many a week they build and estimated times. Just leaves us guessing now and making it hard for me to plan a trip out there to get it.

Keep up the good work. As you know, there will still be those ignorant customers and or potential customers that WILL NEVER understand the amount of work that the precision manufacturing industry is, especially for a relatively new and small company such as GFC. I love that you’re committed to the process to ensure that you provide a truly quality product. Hopefully soon I will be able to purchase one myself. Cheers! Kill it guys!