Martin off road rack clearance

Went to test fit my Martin Off Road rack and man…there is not a lot of clearance between the rack and GFC. Maybe 3/8" without rain butter and about 1/8" with rain gutter. Is this normal? If I jump on the truck they will contact. Sent Martin OR a message, but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue…or am I missing something?

No I don’t think that’s expected and you’ll definitely touch which I wouldn’t recommend. What truck do you have and do you have after market bed rail caps? I have this same rack and had to cut down to fit, but it was only because I have after market bedrail caps on my Tacoma which dropped the whole camper down nearly 1/2 inch, just enough to cause issues with clearance in that same spot.

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2006 Tacoma DCSB with stock bedcaps. yea by the photos it seems like everyone has more clearance. not sure it this is the wrong side plates or if something i whacky with my truck (i hope not)

you have a V1 or V2 ? if V2 did you buy new or is it second hand? if second hand was it built for a 3rd gen?

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I’d definitely remove the DripRails right away. You need more clearance than that and I have had customers that have damaged the roof of their truck when the rack and DripRail collide.


New from GFC…didn’t know there was a difference between the 2nd and 3rd gens, but now I guess I’ll ask GFC if they are sure I got the right one lol.

This was just a mock test fit so the rack isn’t actually installed. Im just not sure what to do. Heard back from Martin that he has not heard of his rack not working for my combination.

Kinda lost for what to do next…not sure where my issue is.

The V2 is gen specific, as the third gen has taller bedsides. Not sure where your actual issue is but all avenues to explore - and as @jedger explained id not install the rack until you are able to figure these all out. These are all companies that stand behind there products so other than taking some time im sure you will sort it

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Ok so we both have 2nd gen double cab and I was only that close due to bedrail swap. Definitely curious what Martin says. You could go the route of modifying like I did but honestly i still wish I had more clearance, I still tap the drip rails if I flex at a higher speed.

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Yea i reached out to Martin and he said he hasn’t heard of the issue with my combination. Hmm…I guess next stop is to ask GFC if they gave me the wrong tent :rofl: Can anyone give me the bedsize to tent dimension so i can double check?

I am not shy to modify the rack and I honestly was already thinking about doing so there is zero chance…but I think I would be taking away A LOT to make sure it clears well. MAy end up machining a mount that looks awfully like Sherpas rear mounts.