Massive upgrade Brake/Chase light combo!

Good evening fellow GFC folks!

As a few of you already know I’ve been working on producing the 3.0 version for the community and the time has arrived!!!

Do you want to upgrade the factory LED light to something a bit brighter and incorporates a set of chase lights? Maybe a reverse/scene light? Maybe also have a way to reclaim your rearview mirror? Look no further than ASG (All Systems Go) Offroad!! This set up will include the light bar housing, lights (with several color configurations to choose from), along with a way to mount a rearview camera (like the Stinger Offroad rear view camera) should you choose. Icing on the cake is I put together an exclusive coupon for my fellow GFC’ers! Below is a link to my Etsy shop (along with pictures of the unit as well) and be sure to enter in GFC20 for 20% off!!

Note that I’ll also have a couple of blemish models at a significant discount as well (the discount code mentioned above is not applicable to the blemish units)!

If any additional information would be helpful feel free to DM me or comment on this post.


Good evening and happy Friday everyone!!

I wanted to send a note out to let everyone know that the blemish units are now available through my store (link below). Note that at this time I only have 3 blemish models available.

Feel free to reach out if there are any questions.

  • Andrew

Hi Andrew - are these vehicle specific? Or are there certain vehicles it doesn’t work with? I have a 2021 Colorado.

Good evening @Tink,

The brake/chase light that I make is universal to the GFC camper. The camera mount itself is universal to most aftermarket rearview mirror style camera’s on the market (it provides a horizontal surface for the aftermarket camera to stick too). The aftermarket rearview camera that I use in my 2019 Tacoma is the Stinger Offroad universal rear view mirror (link below). Should the rearview camera mount not be of value or not applicable to your set up, I also have a non-camera mount option as well.

Let me know if any additional information would be helpful from my end and talk soon :cowboy_hat_face: