"Master Of None" - V2 Platform Camper on 20' Power Wagon Build

Hey GFC Fam!

I figured I’d start a build thread to catalog the build of our 2020 Ram Power Wagon with a GFC V2 Platform Camper.

Truck Mods:

We wanted to build a platform that was well rounded in all regards… Jack of all trades, master of none… So I set out doing some basic mods to improve capability, without sacrificing drive-ability and comfort:

  • ARB Twin Compressor & Off-Grid Engineering hard mount
  • White Knuckle Offroad Sliders
  • 35x12.50x15 BFG KO2 ATs
  • Carli Front Diff Guard
  • CJC Intercooler Skid (for the looks)

We ordered our V2 Camper in February and did quite a bit of wheeling before taking delivery in September of 21’:

In preparation of the camper we did a few mods:

  • Bed Rug

  • Tailgate seal

  • Gzilla Rain Fly Poles

  • J Edgar mag spots

  • Amazon storage pockets

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • “My Medic” First Aid Kit

  • Mantis Claw & Ladder


@bipNdip Great looking truck! I have a white ‘20 PW and I’m looking at getting a V2 Platform Camper as well. I am curious, how do you like those BFGs mounted on the stock PW wheels? I think the PW wheels in black and anodized go well with the black V2 camper!

Could you share a photo of the ARB compressor mount? I’m not familiar with the one you mentioned. Also, what are the “amazon storage pockets”? Thanks!

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35x12.50x17 on the factory wheel is perfect IMO! I’ve had no problem offroad airing down to 18psi. The trucks start to look really under tired when those factory 33"s wear down, and the 35" seems like a good daily driven balance before jumping to 37".

The ARB mount is behind the rear seat by “Off-Grid Engineering” through “Boulder Vehicle Outfitters” here in Colorado. I think it came out very clean.

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The Amazon storage pockets are cheap elastic pockets I placed on the roof. I got the idea from someone here on the forum, but cant remember who (sorry!).

The lack of storage in the GFC is something that became very apparent in the first night. With two adults and a dog “upstairs”, we had headlamps, beanies, phones, tissues, with no obvious home. This was a cheap fix, but I wish I would have spent a little more on a nicer option.


Thank you for the photos of both! I bet that compressor gets a little loud in the cab, but it’s a very clean mount and seems like a good out-of-the-way location. How did you route power to it in the rear of the cab? Just along under the sill trim panels?

It’s really not too loud. Quiet enough that my wife stays in the cab while we air up.

I think the best thing is that it is protected from the elements. I’m yet to see a decent under the hood mount, and didnt want to mount it in the bed.

Power is ran under the trim down the passenger side and across the back under the carpet.

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J Edgar “mag spots” with the Black Diamond “Remoji” lanterns are a very elegant and inexpensive solution to adding lights. Eventually, I’ll run the LED strips when I have a power source, but this is a really clean and straight forward solution.

The Bed Rug, has been my favorite interior mod to date. It’s really nice to have a padded surface to jump down on while bearfoot. I’d like to think it helps with a little insulation as well. The same storage pockets I placed on the ceiling of the GFC velcro’d to the carpet no problem for a nice place to put headlamps, dog poop bags, etc.

I also added a quick disconnect for a fire extinguisher and an easy access First Aid Kit in the back.


I added some D-rings to the accessories mounts thingys and then attached an elastic storage net, along with some “s-clips” to hang jackets, etc.

This has been nice for stuffing bedding in the net when we have the space opened up and the mattress cubes stacked.


Well, last year we got around 30 nights of camping between our install in September and full blown winter here in Colorado.

The setup proved to be capable, simple, and was exponentially easier to set up than our backpacking tent.

Since winter, we’ve welcomed home our beautiful daughter. She arrived very prematurely, so unfortunately I don’t think she is going to be up for camping at altitude anytime soon. However, it’s driving me to think about adding storage, an awning, etc.

This weekend I added Overland Softgoods very nice fleece sheets and mattress topper.

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While I didn’t do any ski parking lot camping, I did use the hell out of the GFC as a warming hut at Mary Jane ~20 days.


Installed @jedgar step ups today.

Another OEM grade product that seamlessly integrates into the camper!

I did manage to sheer a bolt, because I’m a cave man when it comes to anything without torque specs.

Also got around to tightening the camper. Bolts were still pretty tight all around.


Thanks looks great! -

After nearly ripping the front lip off, I decided to add the CJC skid…. PW’s don’t really have a need for this particular skid, but I shamefully dig the look.


Love the pics!! Great looking truck and I really like how everything is clean!!

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