Mattress comfort option?

Just came across this:

Has anyone used or seen this system and do you think you could make it work with the gfc cushions?

The 50" x 76" would fit well. Looks to me like it needs a solid surface. One may have to remove the cushioning on the transform-a-floor sections. It would be interesting to see if this could be integrated into each section with the stock overlying padding. I’m curious about this. Currently I have some extra pads that provide great comfort, so my motivation to rip into my floor sections is limited.


My brother-in-law uses these in his VW camper and swears by them.

I contemplated it for the GFC but decided to go with the exped mat I already had.

We were going to try to make custom sections for each piece of the transform-a-floor and retain the GFC padding on top…not sure if it would work or not.

I’ve run across these things on peoples boats. I usually find them when I need to get under the bed to work on something and it’s a pain in the but to deal with them. I cant imagine it going well with the modular sections.

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