Mattress foam for sale, CA SF Bay Area

I’m selling some foam from my mattress experiments. CA SF Bay Area. Local pickup only. Really just looking to offload the lot of it all at once.

I have the original two layer GFC mattress. If you take the top soft layer off it and put it on top of your setup I’ll bet it would add something nice.

I have 2" latex foam. I used this as a topper for a while and it was really great. But I decided to go even softer with some other memory foam. The pieces are cut to size for a standard GFC, however, the big piece is missing 8". Basically, if you installed it the tightest 8 inches of the wedge wouldn’t have that 2" of memory foam.

I have 2" High Resilience HR40 cushion foam. Two pieces, one is 24x24 and the other 48x24. These were test pieces I picked up before ordering a full sheet to do the whole mattress.

$100 for the lot of it. Or at least whatever you want from it. It’s about $400+ in foam if you went out and bought it all. So a good deal both for upgrading your current setup, or just for testing out different combinations before committing to a purchase.