Maverick 3rd Brake Light

Does anyone have a wiring diagramm for the Maverick’s tail/brake lights? I couldn’t figure out which wire to tap with the two splicers.
I only found kinda conflicting diagrams so far.
thank you :slight_smile:

Were you able to figure this out? I am having trouble too

I was able to figure this out I think. Caveat emptor, I am not sure I really know what I’m doing. My goal was to avoid cutting any of the truck wires so as to avoid any shenanigans with my warranty.

I purchased this:

I then ran a 18 awg wire from one brake light to the other.

I took one end of that wire and hooked it to the right gray / violet wire next to the empty / unconnected wire (position 1 in this diagram: using the wire tap that GFC provided. I hooked the other end to one of the yellow wires coming off the pacer module.

I used the other provided wire tap to connect the other yellow wire to the white / green wire (position one again) on the left brake.

Finally, I connected the green wire to the red wire coming off the third brake light and the ground coming off the third brake light to the flex port ground I had available (not seen in the picture below).

Brake light works and doesn’t blink with the blinkers.