Maverick GFC experience and MPGs

I recently purchased a 2023 Ford Maverick AWD FX4. A beautiful and capable little truck. I’m considering putting a GFC on it and would love to hear from other Maverick owners about their experience with the GFC. How has it been for you? Any surprises? Anything you wish you would have known before buying? What kind of mpgs are you all getting? Thank you!

I had a GFC installed on my 23 Maverick Tremor back in December! Granted a handful of factors of gearing, ride height, and a handful of other things exist between the FX4 & Tremor packages, I only have seen a loss of 1-2 mpg on my pickup. I was always seeing slightly more mpg than the 24 mpg EPA rating the Tremor, but I still averaged 24.9 mpg on my 600 mile trip back to Colorado from Bozeman with some seriously cold temps!

The biggest surprise is that the truck still drives exactly like it did pre-installation, which I am quite thankful for. Honestly I’m surprised how little wind noise I hear too seeing how much of an overhang the top has with such a short bed on my Mav. I also did not notice any notable suspension sag adding the GFC to the Maverick, and I believe you even have a bit more payload with the FX4 over the Tremor.

Overall, I love the practicality it adds to an already very practical platform.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Very helpful. And your build is beautiful! I’ll follow up with a direct message as well.

I have a '22 FX4 Maverick and drove from SC to GFC HQ last August to get it installed. We love it. Like the previous post said, there’s no wind noise and no noticable effect on performance (acceleration, braking etc). I have noticed a pretty big hit in mileage - I would get 27-29 mpg consistently before installation per the trip computer but now I’ll only get 22-24. Oh well, it’s worth it to me. I did get 2 beef bars but I took them off for now because I wasn’t using them and I thought it might help my mileage. I installed a Bedrug and that makes the bed quite comfortable to hang out in while camping. I also just recently upgraded to the TurboNap. It’s obviously a pretty small bed so it can be a bit tight when it’s me, my wife and the pup but it’s still very useable. Overall I’m very happy!

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience. Must have been an epic trip from SC to Montana for the install. The truck looks beautiful.
What is a TurboNap?

Turbonap is the new mattress. You’ll get it when you buy your gfc.

Got it. Thanks.

I haven’t been very scientific in tracking with mine. But I appear to lose about three miles a gallon. I have the 22 FWD hybrid.

That’s helpful data. Thanks.

Just discovered this forum. I have 22 hybrid and get about 35 mpg since I had my GFC installed. I was getting 39-41 around town.