Maxtrax mounted to side panel with only their pins? EDIT: complete pictures inside

Has anyone used just the maxtrax pins to mount their maxtrax to the side panel? I know a lot of people use Expedition Essentials mount, but I really dont want to spend that kind of money on that

yup, we are running a set on the driver’s side with just the pins, though we did upgrade the gas struts to help support the additional weight.

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With a back plate … I wouldn’t think there would be a problem. Just using a washer might cause the panel to deform over time

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Got them up! Can someone confirm which struts would be best for me to replace the stock ones?


Wow cool! Do you have a pic of the inside mounts?

Made some support brackets out of 1/8 thick, 1-1/2 aluminum. Seems to do the trick!




Nice! Did it add any noticeable wind noise?


I did the same thing, but just used fender washers inside. 2 years later, with lots of use, everything is holding up fine.

Oh, and I used 40lbs gas struts. Just call customer service and they’ll know what to do.

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Did you use the 17mm or 40mm pins?

I used these:

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