Meet Tiffany - JD Fab 2.25" Long Travel Tacoma Build

Hey everyone, meet Tiffany, my spoiled white girl from the suburbs. Tiffany is an incredibly stout 2013 (Gen 2.5) 2nd Gen Tacoma kitted out with 2.25" JD Fabrication long travel, along with a staggering 54 KC lights sitting on 37" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/Ts and to top it off, a Platform Camper V2. Tiffany enjoys driving fast on the beach, crawling on rocks, and drinking Coors Lights while watching the sunset.


  • JD Fabrication 2.25″ LT (2nd Gen)
  • JD Fab Lower Arm Double Shear Pivots
  • JD Fab Front Skid Plate
  • Double Shear UCA Steering
  • JD Fab 1/8″ and 3/16″ Chromoly Plate LCAs
  • JD Fab DOM Chromoly tube; 1.5″ X .120″ wall UCAs
  • Custom Alignment Cams w/ Machined Grade 8 Bolts
  • FOX Race Series 8″ Stroke Coilovers
  • FOX Race Series 8″ Stroke Tripple Bypass Secondary’s
  • 934 Chromoly Caged CV Axles with 300M Shafts
  • 200 Series Land Cruiser Steering Rack
  • Chromoly Tie Rods connected to double shear knuckles
  • Kartek Limit Straps
  • ARB Heavy Dakars
  • ARB Bp-51 shocks with remote reservoirs
  • SumoSprings Bump Stops with U-Bolt Flip Kit

Lighting & Switches:

We have 54 KC Lights total running off 20 independent switches.

  • SP-9100 (8 switch)
  • Auxbeam (8-switch)
  • Blue Sea 6-circuit fuse block
  • KC Pro6 8-Ring
  • KC C-series 30"
  • KC FE4
  • KC FE3
  • KC FE1 X 2
  • KC Cyclone Cabana Mode
  • KC Cyclone Rock lights
  • KC Cyclone Coilover lights
  • KC Underhood lights
  • KC RGB Party mode (upstairs & downstairs)
  • KC Scene/marker lights (on camper)
  • KC Brake, Turn, and Reverse lights
  • Alpharex Alphablack Headlights

Camper (Work in Progress):

  • Platform Camper V2

Wheels & Tires:

  • RRW RR8 Gunmetal Forged Wheels 17x9 -12 + 1.25" spacers rear
  • Mickey Thompson 37x12.5 Baja Boss M/T


  • C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper
  • C4 Fabrication Overland Rear Bumper
  • C4 Fabrication Rock Sliders
  • C4 Fabrication Rear Skids & Gas Tank Skid
  • JD Fabrication Front Skid

I’ll be updating this page as we’re waiting on quite a few parts for the rear end, some performance stuff, and much more.

Check out and my Instagram to follow this build closer.

Cheers fellow Go Fast peeps.


More pictures please.

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You must work at JD Fabrication? They do some amazing work! Love their products, I have several on my 3rd gen! Wish I had more!!! Great Build and thanks for sharing…

Will do, I’ll jump in and add a few more categories soon. Do we have a gallery feature on here?

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Nope, we work with We worked on an installation guide for their LT kit and suspension components for They make a very impressive LT kit overall. Harry and Jesse are both incredibly knowledgeable humans when it comes to general fabrication and building really cool problem-solving products for the Tacoma and other platforms. We’re looking at their spring under, and they have a new bolt-on frame brace dropping too.

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Not yet… but maybe soon