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UPDATE! As of October, 2023, all new orders of the Platform Camper, Platform RTT, and all those currently in production now ship with our new Turbo-Nap Sleep System mattress included. We spent more than a year developing the Turbo-Nap mattress and we think it’s hands-down the most comfortable mattress on the truck camper market.

This post was edited above to include updated and relevant information for new customers.

Ive got a V2 XL setup. Initially the bedding seemed fine but over time its just too stiff, especially for the wife. I know there are several threads on here discussing this issue but was curious as to the specifics of a mem. foam topper. We are not interested in an inflatable setup as we like the panel movement with kids sleeping below.

For those of you running a topper cut into the sizes of the panels, are you running 1" or 2"? For either topper, do you have any issues with it closing. I’ve read that cutting the topper a little short on the corners helps, which makes sense. I want the camper to still close easily without having the roof bowed or having to use all my body weight to get it smashed shut. I’m leaning towards the 1" as I dont think its going to take much to make it comfortable but would love to run the 2" if its not a hassle.

I was looking at the following:

Thanks in advance for any insight and guidance. Appreciate this forum.

Well I can show you my set up I have no issues with closing the top, it is inflatable but I don’t use one I used to like you I like the ability to be able to either sleep elsewhere or also be able to sleep one side or the other keeping all of my options open.
Memory foam toppers I’ve seen quite a few people using them I have heard that they some type of ventilation underneath them then again that depends on what time of year you do most of your camping.

All Season set up High Quality, Light, Versatile Multipurpose Functions.

Thanks to this GFC forum I’ve been able to do a lot of research and create a system that works for me.

My interest and ideas are from a background in Backpacking for over 50 years "Yup I am an old guy!

In keeping with “My Philosophy” ,High Quality, Light, Versatile Multipurpose Functions.

I begin with my pads 2 ExPed Megamat but NOT the Duo! Why? ,we all know the duo fits however so does two of the Megamat 10LXW they are snug side by side a desirable feature so that creates a snug fit against the edges of the tent 60 x 78 it creates a space for storage at the low end of the tent I also I wanted versatility for one of us to sleep in the tent and one to be able to sleep outside the tent.

I got 1.5” thick firm memory foam cut the same size as each panel and put it up there. Works great! My only issue is that the factory sheets are too shallow to cover both the new foam and the stock foam, so I get a little bit of bowing of the new foam. Closing the camper is fine, moderately tedious but only a real PITA when it’s super cold or wet. I got my foam from a mattress shop here in Bozeman and I will never go back to stock padding.

I have tried 1 in, 2in and even 3in. The thicker you go the more comfortable it is. 3 in is just too much though. I was able to close it with 2 in but it is a little more tedious when closing. I used the exact same memory foam you linked to as well. If you’re not super picky I think the one-inch might do the trick. Before you cut it up into small squares roll it out in the tent and try to sleep on it that way if you don’t like it you could still return. I did cut off about an inch on the sides to make it easier for the tent to close. Also turning the two small squares upside down always helps with thicker memory foam.
After quite some time I got tired of the memory foam. My wife didn’t think it was that comfortable and it does make removing the panels a little more difficult but it’s not bad. If you like the feel of the memory foam I think it’s a great compromise.

I am reluctant to open pandoras box. We are about two weeks out from making our website live and offering a handful of useful products to the GFC community. But, here goes!!

  1. We offer a set of mattress covers that are 3 inch instead of the 2 inch OEM. This allows for the addition of a one inch topper used on top of the OEM foam mattress or replace the OEM mattress altogether with a new 3inch mattress. Much more comfortable in either case than the GFC mattress (at least for this side sleeper).

  2. We offer flannel and fleece sheet sets that will accommodate either the OEM 2inch mattress or a 3inch mattress. We use an oversized sheet pattern with a stretch cord to hold the sheets tight over either sized mattress.

  3. I don’t really want to be in the foam business so I am working with our current foam supplier that we use on van build projects to get them to offer a set of pre-cut foam (1 inch and 3 inch) and hopefully give our community a good price. I’ll probably end up just adding a link on our site to their site for convenience.

  4. We are developing a WIK (winter insulation kit) for our GFC’s and ultimately will offer a modified version of the product to owners of other brand RTTs.

  5. Other misc. items that I hope will be useful additions to your camping kit. I’ll go into more detail in a future post on these products.

I am a GFC owner. I have a v2 XL on a built Tundra and live in western Colorado. All of our products are made by us at our production facility in Gypsum, Colorado.
I will start taking some photos to post and see if there is a way for us to do pre-orders on the above items.

Our website is currently under construction but here’s the link for when we go live:

Thank you to the new friends that I am making on this forum!


I think I need all of those products!

Definitely interested! I’ve been waiting to order sheets since GFC is out of stock for V1, but also want to add some additional foam. I just can’t decide how thick to order. I’m a side sleeper and need something more, but still want my camper to close.

On my v2 there is about 1 1/4 inch space above the factory 2 inch mattress. I think that’s about all we get to work with. My 1 inch topper has made a difference. I ordered a 3 inch mattress earlier this week that I am hopeful will make an even greater difference.

This means of course that we can no longer leave sleeping bags up top. Small price to pay for the improved comfort.

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in for #1 and especially #4

Do you know if there is a difference between V1 and V2 regarding the mattress size?

I haven’t had a v1 GFC to measure and pattern from yet. I think we will have one visiting us later this month. If you’ve time, grab some quick measurements of your tent floor and send them to me.

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In for the new sheets, awesome! I’m pretty sure the panel dimensions are the same from V1 to V2.


@WrinkledPants hope your projects are going well. Wondering if you have an update on the website and products? Thanks man.

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