Mice in the camper!

Husband did a cleanout today in prep for a trip and discovered 5 baby mouse pups in the camper, still alive, trying to start roaming. Ugh. They were way back deep in corner by the battery and under a board, would have been easy to miss…I think mama mouse snuck in last weekend when he left the truck at a trailhead to bikepack overnight. They had eaten a bunch of foam I had under the battery, assuming it was soy based. They didn’t care about the bedrug or my backpacking food stash. So glad we found them before they perished and started stinking, would have totally freaked out the kids who sleep downstairs. No sign of mama mouse…husband gently transported them to bushes, nature is going to do its thing.

So thanks for reading my rant…any tips on keeping them out or deterring them? No food obviously but anything else?

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I’ve been using a peppermint oil based spray under my hood and around all 4 tires, so far it seems to work.


with your solar setup (do you have an inverter?), you could plug in an ultrasonic pest repellent device. Maybe I’ll add one…

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I like that idea, will have to see if they exist as usb/DC…though I do have a light duty Inverter adapter

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Peppermint oil keeps them away for sure. I use it at my office grid property to keep them out of the “buildings”.


Any concerns with peppermint and bears? I’ve always cosidered that a food scent but maybe just us humans are weird and like peppermint

Bears seem to not care, been in many bear areas and had no issues, probably because it also masks the scent of food to something not necessarily all that yummy to most animals

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