Missing V2 rollout list

What happened to the V2 rollout list? Why was it removed?

Noticed they made some website changes yesterday.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hey! Good eye, we actually removed that yesterday when we did some updating to the site. We now have a ton of cool drop down menus that show our supported models.

The V2 Rollout list was good, but we weren’t able to give concrete dates as to when those models would be supported so we pulled it from the site.

That being said, we now have a form at the bottom of our supported models page that you can fill out if we don’t currently support your model truck. When you fill this out, it helps us a ton with being able quantify demand and to get into contact with you when we begin to support your truck!

Cool, thanks Thomas! How about for customers that already have a deposit down but their truck isn’t supported yet?

That is a great question! The best way to get the most accurate eta is to shoot us an email and we will respond within 24 hours unless its on the weekend then we will respond on Monday!