Mitch's 2017 Tacoma DCSB build

Hey! So I have been meaning for a while to start a build thread for my truck as I picked up my camper this past February. I had owned my vehicle for 5 years prior with a fiberglass cap prior to getting my GFC. I had mainly made the change due to my experience up in Alaska as I lived up there for the past 3 years and am currently in Arizona since December and will be returning back to the Anchorage area next month! I am a huge skier, climber, and whitewater paddler and am stoked with the more minimalist design of the camper which fits my hobbies. Currently, I have built out a bed drawer system that allows me to still mount 2 bikes in the back. I also have the OVS 270 awning which has come in hand on multiple rainy occasions. I am currently working through multiple mods before I move back to Alaska next month so I’ll try to document all of the changes the best that I can.

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So with having the short bed Tacoma, fitting bikes in the back is a bit interesting. I also knew that I wanted Dual drawers in the back. So to fit both I left cubbies in the front of the bed that allows me to shove the longer forks down into the cubby allowing me to only remove the front tire which is sweet. The drawers are 48 inches long which gives me plenty of space for gear and my cooking set up. The other cubby will most likely become a battery box at some point to be able to have power for a small fridge and solar run in to the camper. I’ll also be adding a heater in the space next to the drawers and on board air.