Modify floor panel?

Hey all, has anyone modified one of the two square floor panels so that there’s an opening to the lower bed of the truck? I’m planning on having one of my boys sleep below and I want to be able to easily talk to him. I was thinking of cutting a corner off (always open) or cutting the panel and putting a hinge so part of it can fold up. Curious if anyone else has done anything like this yet?

I know @ervandew cut down both square panels. Check out his build here:

Personally, I’m thinking about making a new cut-down panel to use during winter camping to allow heat to flow up into the tent. I want to keep my existing panels since they are great for keeping bugs out of the tent (not a problem in winter).

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Thanks! Yeah, that’s why I was thinking of making mine hinged, so it can be up or down. The idea of when it’s up is that it will help keep a pillow from falling down the hole in the middle of the night too.

We are planning to build a 1/8 size panel out of plywood and spare foam, and remove the 1/4 entirety (in case we want it later). We will have kids down below also and want the ability to talk with/check on them, as well as for ventilation.

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This is what I’m moving forward with. Need to fine tune it a bit but should do what I want. The main thing to watch out for is that there is only three sides with a lip and so if the orientation is wrong and you put weight on the panel, it will just fold and fall through.


I love this idea and resurrected it with Graeme and Collin.

Note: while camping in the rain, this mod would be a god send as it will help with airflow and communication with upstairs and downstairs campers!


I’m looking to find a way to route heat up to the tent, while also getting heat downstairs. This seems like the simplest, least intrusive way to get the job done. Can anyone weigh in one whether they think a 2kw heater would be able to push enough heat upstairs to the tent, using this method, in single digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures?

I cut one corner off of each of the smaller square panels, leaving triangular openings in one corner. I can orient the cut off corners to make a larger opening, or separate them to allow for two smaller openings.