Mojave Road First Trip

Broke in the new gfc on the Mojave road last weekend. The gfc handled it like a champion; however, the front corners of the bed rail seal detached pushing outwards. If anybody has some recommendations on fixing the issue I’m all ears before I go at it myself.

Since I don’t think I explained that well, I’ll post pictures tomorrow to better show the issue. In the meantime here are some photos of the trip.


@T1OVERLAND nice. Congrats. What solar panel you got up there?

I have the goal zero boulder 100.


Okay cool. I have the 500x battery but haven’t started using it yet. Trying to decide what panel to get. Which battery are you using?

Nice, I really like the goal zero panel; however, a lot of people go with the renogy ones because their price point is a little better and offer more in terms of a variety of products. I don’t think you can go wrong.

I have the massive 3000x.

This is the issue I am having with the bed rail Mount, any tips are much appreciated.

Have you water tested that area? It looks like it may leak under heavy rain or when you wash it. If it’s leaking I think your options are to take the camper off and redo the seal or you could try and use some type of other bulb seal or sealant on the outside but that will probably not look ideal.

I have a tundra as well and my seals look very similar in that area, maybe not quite as bad. I don’t have the luxury of being able to take the camper off anytime soon so I just sealed up the area with some silicone and that has worked and been water tight for over a year now. I may see about getting it addressed whenever I get my hinges replaced.

Also to add onto my previous post, if you do end up removing the camper to fix the seal I would recommend addressing the bed-side cap issue that Tundras seem to have. See the below forum post regarding the issue.

I had water coming into my camper from under the plastic bed-side caps due to the ridges in the bed itself (as mentioned in the above thread). Took me forever to figure that out but it seems to be an issue for Tundras and toppers on the back. Just FYI

Getting those bedside caps sealed is a great suggestion. I fortunately did it before the gfc, but I’ve heard a lot of Toyota owners complain about them.

I like the silicone idea too, as something to hold it over. If I don’t go that route I will probably remove the gfc and put on a new seal. I heard opening the side panels and sliding 2x4’s perpendicular to lift the camper off works. It will take 4 people and it’s still a good amount of weight to lift, so a little hesitant.

keeping the camper closed, remove the bolts holding it onto the bed and have one person (or two) stand inside and lift whilst another is outside moving the seal back in place. repeat as needed thats what my girlfriend and i did to correct a seal in similar shape


That’s a great idea, thank you!

Awesome! I was hoping to get my GFC in time for Mojave Rd. this year, but will likely be too hot when I pick up late summer. What was your opinion of the trail? It’s not super far from me and would be a cool break-in trip when I do get mine. Take it easy…

It’s a rad and diverse trail; however, if you do the whole thing in a long weekend, you have to be ready to wheel 8+ hours a day.

I wish I did a section and spent more time checking out all the cool things in the area.

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Cool, thanks! I will have wife and baby in tow, so I should probably plan for more like 5 days.

in my experience the wife and baby variable at least doubles the time :wink:


did you do the suspension upgrade or just the OEM rear leaf spring?

I upgraded to Deaver. I highly recommend upgrading to.

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(only leaf or front as well with shocks?)do you have a purchase link? Great thanks.

I apologize for the late response, I have the trd pro suspension in front with camberg kinetic upper control arms, then deaver rear springs. Unfortunately I do not have a link, my local shop takes care of it all for me.