Mold in Camper, a reminder to go open yours up

Was skimming through the weatherizing update thread and seeing people’s issue reminded me to go check on the camper for the first time in a month. I sealed my bed before I picked the camper up, but unfortunately there was a ton of condensation inside the lower area and a few small spots of mold. The upper camper and tent portion appeared fine thankfully. Any one have any tips for dealing with the condensation, or for set and forget dehumidification options?

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I haven’t let mine sit that long but when I get back from a trip if it’s summer I just open everything and dry it. Winter it’s all about using my wife’s space heater for 24 hours to get things nice and dry.

As for set it and forget it, unless you get a dehumidifier that you put in the bed when it is parked with the lower panels out I don’t think you will find much luck…

When I had a bumper pull trailer that is what I did, same extension cord to run the battery maintenance and the dehumidifier… if your sitting for that long it might be worth doing.

I definitely try to let it air out after trips, this water either leaked in during some of the rain storms we’ve had here in the PNW the last few months or is from the snow on my skis. I forgot to mention in my first post that I found a good amount of standing water in the bed a few days ago, so I was not super surprised by the amount of condensation in the lower section. I haven’t had a problem w/ water intrusion before this, so I’m leaning towards it being from snow melt off my skis plus some general ambient humidity condensing on the cool metal. I snagged a well rated passive dehumidifier off Amazon (I know from previous threads that they aren’t necessarily the most effective option) but I’m looking to keep the humidity down long term. I’ll try and post again after I use it for a while to let folks know how it worked.