MOLLE mod! ISO for any second gen Tacoma GFCers

The platform I’ll be using is for a *Gen 2 Tacoma * I need some accurate measurements for the following pic. I have some projects in the works for my upcoming GFC. Please help thank you in advance


What exactly are you planning? I am in the waiting and planning stage as well. There should be one in your area, someone you can connect with to get some accurate measurements? As the GFC gains in popularity so are products to supplement them.

Keep us all posted!

I’m looking to have some custom MOLLE panels built to fit these areas. The one on the side I want something like the Rago panel But it’d go in the inside of the rack in the bed.

Rago makes great stuff and a company with integrity, I bet they have on the drawing board some products specific for the GFC

I emailed them and asked about these projects and they told me I’d be better off with a custom fabricator

What do you mean by this?

For anyone interested in this idea let me know. I am in contact with a custom fabricator on Tacoma World who does solid work. This will be a pricey project possibly from $500-$900. The more people obviously the price will go down for a group buy. I just need accurate measurements with pictures. I am willing to send you a $20 spot for your time via PayPal.

I will be game for a product of that nature, especially one at the cab as I don’t plan on having the window option just to add storage space. Not sure if there is any difference for the 3rd Gen?

I believe the bed dimensions are different width wise

Still in if he can make one specific for 3rd gen.

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First off I no longer own a GFC after losing it in a fire that totaled my truck. I rarely view this forum and do not expect a timely response if there are any questions. I wanted to share though what I did manage to build before I lost my camper. I drew these dimensions up based on measurements for a full size build on a 2015 Tundra. I used a standard Molle layout for the squares cut out and everything I tested fit fine with my pouches, the circles were for wires to pass thru behind the panel with grommets to protect the wires. I highly recommend cutting the outline out in advance out of some 1/8" hardboard because I had to make a lot of adjustments in order to get this to fit into place versus the original file that was cut. You have to come in at an angle for install and required more trimming than I thought. I cut this out of 1/8" aluminum and I requested that the company cut it with a CNC router, they chose after the fact to cut it with a CNC plasma. I did not set the file up for plasma and the result required a lot of elbow grease to prep for use to clean up the nastiness leftover from incorrect cut paths for a plasma to use. Regardless it turned out like I wanted and was going to let me utilize a space that was not used for a lot of organized storage using small various molle mount pouches.
Below are some pictures of what I made, perhaps this will help someone with their project. Sorry about the highlighted sections in the photos, I was trying to show someone where I installed climbing hangars to use for hanging bags and such from the rails while loaded up.


@Curmit How did the truck catch fire? I Love it man this looks great!

An unexplained electrical fire started under the hood, I have my suspicions on what started it but I have no proof, therefore I will keep those thoughts to myself for now, it was nothing to do with Toyota. I was in a very remote place for work and it took nearly an hour for a volunteer fire department to arrive, by that time the truck burned from end to end.

This is exactly what I’m working on. Can I ask how much it cost to make? I’m looking for fabricators now.

I had this made out of 1/8" bare aluminum which turned out to be rigid enough for the area. It might be able to be made out of .080 aluminum sheet also which is a very common sheet product in the industry but I am not positive it would work. Due to my working out in the middle of nowhere and delivery of my GFC a month before a trip I had planned for over a year I scrambled to have it cut and did not shop price, merely the first person to respond to me I had them cut it. The 4x8 sheet and cutting labor was around $600 total. It could possibly be cut out of 1/4" acrylic or polycarbonate and be pretty strong too. With some tweaks to the design it might even be feasible out of some MDO plywood.

Nearly any large city should have some business that has a flatbed CNC router, plasma, or waterjet that could cut 1/8" aluminum. A sign fabrication company would be a good start, there are a lot of little companies out there that do nothing but custom cutting work with flatbed CNC machines.

Another avenue would be to put up a request for a quote based on your area on the CNC Zone forum

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@GFC_Mike how different are the measurements from second to third gen Tacoma GFC?

There are no differences in the dimensions for 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma campers as long as the bed lengths are the same, if you swapped them you’d just need a different tailgate seal!

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Great info thanks @GFC_Mike I’m super stoked for this camper!!!

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Has anyone built a molle panel to attach to the four side accessory bolts?