Molle Panel for 2nd Gen Tacoma

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d post this here for anyone that might be interested when it goes in production in the near future. A local guy made this molle panel and plans to put it in production. The guy is located in Orange County, CA.

He stated the price point will be between $225-$250.


I think there was another thread about this. But interested if they made a windowless version.

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Definitely interested

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I’m interested as well. Although I have the Fire Ranger. Any chance you might make one for my truck?

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Yes, there will be a windowless version. I just met with the guy making these this weekend. He 3d scanned my camper for my standard v1.

He has mesaurements for a few different makes/sizes of the GFC campers. He’s hoping to have these in production soon.



I am “the guy” haha
I am currently working on MOLLE panels with and without windows for:

2nd/3rd gen tacoma, GFC V1 and V2
2012 ford raptor, GFC XL
2019 ford ranger, GFC V2
Chevy colorado ZR2, GFC V2

I also have toyota tundra coming in soon.

I have contacted GFC to see if they would share the mounting point locations however they are still reviewing if they are able share that info.

If not I will post a fill in the blank worksheet so anyone can post the measurements of thier particular truck/GFC version. The goal will be to cover all versions and models of trucks.
I would then build the prototype and if it fits I’ll start running production batches.


3rd gen Tacoma - I’ll 100 percent buy one of these


I’m in for a 3rd gen tacoma V2 camper window cutout panel!

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Awesome! What a cool and unique product

Sign me up. Second gen Tacoma with V2

Look forward to Ranger V2 options. Thanks

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Love it…3rg Gen Taco with Window!

Great product idea! My GFC (with window) is mounted on a Tundra. I am certainly interested in your product.

What material will these be made of? I mounted some in the back of Ram 2500 from Grey Man Tactical but they are plastic and pretty wimpy.

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Quick update: I am currently discussing with the engineers at GFC to see they can disclose the mounting dimensions on all off the different models and versions. if that works out I will be making a panel for every truck/version combo.


These panels will be make from 1/8" 5052 aluminum


Seriously cool: function + looks + customized to the truck model/GFC, so no sweating cutting metal when you get it. I’d buy a set for my '21 F150 in a heartbeat.

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I have a 3rd gen Tacoma with a V1. I would be interested in a windowless Panel.


2021 Ranger, V2 GFC, WANT!

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Could you make one for GFC V1 Dodge Ram?