Molle Panel for front of GFC

I have a prototype of a Molle Panel madeby DMOS collective. DMOS makes all American made shovels. I was wondering how many gfc owners would be interested in an accessory for there GFC. I love mine. I put all kinds of items on to free up the back of the truck. From axes and Shovels to backpacks and a Yeti 1 gallon water Jug.


Estimated cost available ?

Ya I definitely like the idea. However I would prefer to not have the window obstruction.

Not sure what the price would be yet. Just getting an idea if there is a demand for it. If I had to guess $300 ish the more they can make the less it will be.

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I like this idea, but I have an XL model GFC. Do you know if they’re considering both sizes?

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I can’t recall where I saw these, but bookmarked them:
Since they mount on the side rail, they are smaller, but do not block the window.
Another (cheaper) option: This is more DIY, and looks less beefy, but costs a lot less, too. I have not tried either option.
I am looking forward to camping another night in our #575 GFC this weekend–as busy as it will be!

I’d be very interested. I was looking at trying to jerry rig something like that to have molle panels in the front.


I’d also be interested in one. Especially one with a window cut out.


Release the hounds we’re
Ready to buy!:metal:


I’m interested. When can I order one?


I will talk to DMOS this week and find out more details. I know they are running a tight crew due to Covid. I will need a list of trucks besides Tacoma that are interested in the panel.

Personally, I’d need one for an F-150.

However, below is a quote from someone at gfc regarding which trucks have the most market share back when the flight deck came out.

“The Tacoma itself makes up just about 60-70% of all GFC campers so it was an obvious first, then the Tundra… then over to the Ranger/Colorado/F150 etc.”

Would love to see an option for the Colorado

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Definitely interested! It would be nice to have it be easily removable for window access, but I think I’d want one…

Tacoma and Colorado camper frames are the same (at least in the sense of what would affect this particular panel), there should be no difference in the panel. (only the mounting feet change for the Colorado.


Any updates on when DMOS might make these available?

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DMOS is figuring out a cost. I will keep you posted.

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Hi I am new here (#1187) but I would absolutely be in for one of these Molle panels next summer after my build is complete. I have a '18 Tundra Double Cab! Thanks for looking into it.

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Any updates on this @2tacomamatt?

I was in talks with DMOS about getting a panel like this. They were super willing but then communication just stopped on their end.