MOLLE Panel friction fit mounts

So once again, being cheap not wanting to buy mounts, and owning a couple 3d printers. I am releasing MOLLE panel hooks I just designed.
The friction fit works well and holds well I used some shock cord to test the fit and function and it held without any flex. I am designing some to accept 1" webbing for heavier gear like axes and shovels.
I am producing batches over the weekend.
As always, it’s a simple twist lock and it’s in.


I added some of the new Bear Claw if anyone has the Backwoods adventure mod MOLLE panel these fit nicely and hold up to 50 pounds, 50lb test
I designed the webbing anchors too but it’ll take some more time to produce a bunch and test them. In the meantime if anyone has more ideas or constructive criticism it’s all welcome.

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