Molle panel/mount panel for outside GFC?

Lots of Molle threads. Looking for a way to mount a suitcase diesel heater + flat fuel tank on the outside of the GFC. Even if this means sacrificing one of the camper side doors in winter. A Molle that has a top mount in the GFC t-tracks and a lower mount on the bed rail that bridges over the camper side door?

bumping this cuz I’ve got the same question. Ideally want an external molle panel for the side door that I can mount a diesel heater + flat fuel tank on during winter and other accessories during summer.

I already have the expo mount on one side, and realize i’d need to upgrade the struts if I wanted the panel to stand open, but I am more interested in the storage.

Something like this

If you’re OK with drilling through the panel, could you not just buy any off-the-shelf rectangle-ish shaped panel and mount it with some cap screws, nuts, standoffs, and washers?

BuiltRight makes some nice looking general purpose panels. I have one of their bedside panels inside my Tacoma.

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yep that’s the thought. the one i linked above is what i’m leaning towards right now. rivnuts are what i used for the expo panel.

That would probably work. I dont think I’ve seen it done, but it seems reasonable. If it was me, I’d make sure the intended mounting position has clearance behind the bolt locations to not interfere with the support brace.