MOLLE Panel Options in 2023?

So I’m looking for MOLLE Panel options for the cab side of my XL V2 and I came across Under Land and seems like the company is the only one who’s making MOLLE panels for GFC these days.

So I placed an order. This was the first week of November.

Fast forward a month, all I got was an order confirmation and no product. I’ve tried emailing the company and calling the company, but the email was never responded to and the phone call went to voicemail.

Now I’m looking for alternative options while I find a way to get my money back since there’s no communication from the company, what are other options out there?

They are the only option. Also, that’s weird. Wyatt had always been responsive. Did you reach out to them on IG messenger?

I purchased mine from underland last year and was pleased with both the product and the service. This was the contact info I used at the time: Ben Dekker UNDERLAND OFFROAD 714.202.7250

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Thats the panel I ordered and I had a great experience. Took a couple of weeks to get to me, but they were always responsive

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pretty sure they use shopify, so if you have the shop app you should be able to track the shipment pretty easily (if it shipped). mine took about a week from socal to PNW

i tried calling. figured phone call will always be faster than email or messages.

I spoke with him today. He has some family stuff going on. He has one guy currently handling the orders. He’s trying to get everything handled.

thanks for the update!

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so… interesting thing happened.

Got an email from the company telling me my panel should be shipped this week. I’d appreciate if he put up a notice or something for customers to expect extended delay

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I gave him your info from here, and explained you hadn’t heard from him. At least you are squared away now.

To be fair, they do have this posted on the product page:


But I agree that the order confirmation email should give an idea of lead time and not just leave the customer wondering.

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thank you sir! really appreciate it!

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yes i read that line. which is why I waited almost a month before I tried to contact them.

I figured a month is plenty enough for facility relocation.

You could make your own mounting panel with an aluminum sheet from the hardware store and lots of Velcro :rofl: it works better than you’d expect. Haven’t had anything fall off yet.


Super nice @cbar . Another route is to look into 3M Dual Lock instead of velcro - it’s a whole new level of temporary positioning and fastening. One of my favorite closures. SJ3540 is compatible with powder coated metal.

Anyone know if the panel is able to be modified for the topper and not the camper?

Was there a reason given why they moved from a square molle pattern to the hex & slot? I assume it’s for more flexible install options? I don’t see dimensions for the hex holes and curious if other “square” fittings will still work with the hex openings.

welp they cancelled my order.

oh wells I guess I’ll see about making my own. We have 2 XLs in our fleet that want (not need) these panels. Time to hit the drawing board.

I wish there were some options for the back window on the toppers as well. Just such a small niche market I suppose. I have a Gladiator and would get one for sure.

i can do the files but the problem for me is to find reliable CNC cutters that don’t charge an arm and leg. The only thing stopping me from doing one already is I got no volume to reduce the cost.