Molle Panel or Grate for Rear Triangle Space

Has anyone bought or manufactured a molle-like panel for inside of the triangle shaped spaces of the frame? I have a V2 (standard not XL).

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Hey Ari - While I don’t have a molle panel myself, they’re talked about quite a bit here on the forum. If you have some free time, using our search bar might uncover the right option for you. Keep in mind that each triangle section is unique to year, make, model, and bed length.

Here are a couple popular options we’ve seen as of late. Please note we are not affiliated.

Prior to posting, I spent a reasonable amount of time with your search functionality, and it seems that the posts are related to cab-side molle panels (of which I own one), or panels designed for inside of the truck bed. If you find something related to my question pls let me know!



I designed some for the V1. Before I even knew what a GoFast was, a client had me make a whole set. All triangles as well as the front panel.

They’re almost impossible as a stock product for the reasons that Thayne pointed out - very relevant info. You’re not finding much because the angles and sizes change with every vehicle model. One off stuff is just very expensive.


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Ah, my mistake! @Vice_Chief is right on the money though. Due to the varying specs from model to model, you’ll likely need to take those measurements to a trusted fabricator capable of cutting those out with laser precision… literally.

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Yeah, I see what you guys mean. I will probably go get a piece of square, stainless wire shelving and cut it to size and weld a rod to the cut side to triangle-it-up. Appreciate it.